A surge in COVID cases set against rallies is not a good look

Protests in Colorado Draw Thousands as COVID Cases Surge

Those Who Fail to Learn From History…

After the revelation that states like Florida are shutting back down, thousands of people protest in Colorado cities. Spurred on by recent protests throughout the US, Colorado citizens rallied for justice over the death of Elijah McClain. The young 23 year old therapist was approached and later on would die while in police custody.

Over the course of the last 3 to 4 weeks, several hundred thousands of people have engaged in rallies, protests and riots. All contributed to by increasing police violence, deaths of Africian Americans and an incomplete justice system.

Elijah McClain was a case that was very quickly forgotten about. Which is sad to say, because all of the circumstances surrounding it were pretty suspect and worthy of further investigation. McClain was held down and kept repeating that he could not breathe with the Officer on top of him.

Eventually McClain passed out from a lack of oxygen flow. When the ambulance arrived on the scene they injected him with ketamine to sedate him, despite not being entirely conscious. On the way to the hospital, McClain suffered a heart attack, and less than a week later was removed from life support.

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After similar circumstances happened with victims Geroge Floyd and Breonna Taylor, it was only a matter of time before this came back up. Now, as we see thousands of people flocking to protest McClain’s death, it brings up another issue.

… Are Doomed to Repeat It

Much like concerns were being seen in the UK over rallies, the US is seeing the reality of it firsthand. COVID is making a resurgence across the US. States like Florida are being hit particularly hard, presumably due to an increase in tourist demand coupled with rallies.

When you have thousands of people densely packed together, this was bound to happen. And exactly that is what is happening. While some crowds, like those at Lafayette Park were the proper social distance away from each other, many others were not.

All it takes is one cursory glance through social media, celebrity profiles and more to see that most rallies were breeding grounds for the virus. Masks were not being worn, people were holding hands, standing shoulder to shoulder, yelling etc.

Reality is now coming home to roost for the wary. Closures are popping back up, reopenings are being reversed, project deadlines are being delayed etc. While it is impossible to lay all of the fault on that of the rallies, they were definitely a contributing factor to the second wave.

A second wave that may not have been as particular heavy if measures had been taken more seriously against it. Of course, president Trump has not traditionally been a strong voice of reason against the virus in the first place. Perhaps the bed was already made before this resurgence in COVID.

For now, all we can do is get back to social distancing, try to limit exposure and wait it out.


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