Foods to Avoid while trying to BURN FAT!

Foods to Avoid while trying to BURN FAT!

Several studies throughout the years have helped us understand what kind of foods we should be prioritizing. However, not as often do you hear about the foods that you should actively ignore!

Might go without saying, but one of the biggest things to avoid is that of sugary drinks like soda or energy drinks. Yes, you might be saying ‘duh we all know that’, but are you aware of just how detrimental they are? They tack on consistent fat and weight, avoid them at all costs.

If you thought no soda was bad, well guess what? White Bread is almost worse for you! Filled with artificial sweeteners and coloring, white bread is full of carbohydrates and fattening substances. 

Beer is another huge no-no on this list. So if you’re a big fan of IPA’s, Stouts and amber, hate to break it to ya. Beer is loaded, absolutely loaded, with carbs and is one of the quickest ways to pack on weight. Seriously, take it from a whiskey guy, switch to something harder if you’re planning on drinking but want to lose weight.

One of the biggest steps in avoiding foods is knowing more specifics! Easy to check right here!

Pizza. Yup, just when you thought that this list was not going to get any worse. Pizza is one of the biggest things that people bring up when cutting out certain foods. 

While those are the biggest ones, some others to avoid are; blended coffee drinks, ice cream and candy. Anything high in sugar and dairy is also high in fat and carbs.

However, you can’t just cut out high sugar and carbs content, you also have to stay relatively active to lose fat as well. Whether it’s at home cardio or some simple weights workouts, there are ways to stay active at home.

So avoid those carbs and sugar and get active! It’s not easy but if there was ever a time to do it, it’s now!