Harvey Weinstein Update - Does the Convicted Offender Have Coronavirus?

Harvey Weinstein Update – Does the Convicted Offender Have Coronavirus?

Recently a story was circulating that the former media mogul Harvey Weinstein had contracted COVID amongst his conviction trials. What accuracy is there to this claim? Well, for better or for worse, we now have a Harvey Weinstein update that throws some light on the matter.

Something to keep in mind is how prisons would be extremely difficult to control in the case of a COVID outbreak. Even though most prisoners are kept isolated, disinfecting the whole prison would be near impossible.
Enter Harvey Weinstein, recently convicted of multiple counts of sexual assault and attempted rape, he may have contracted it.

As rumors continued to spread about Weinstein allegedly contracting to novel Coronavirus, they appear to be unfounded.

Weinstein’s spokesperson confirmed that the convicted criminal did not possess any symptoms and was in good health.

Reportedly, some inmates at Wende Correctional (Weinsteins place of incarceration) did contract it but testing was sporadic and unconfirmed. 

Harvey Weinstein was recently convicted up to 23 years in prison for rape and sexual misconduct. While the prognosis for Weinstein is that he will most likely die in prison, he is still facing one more trial. As shelter in place orders are relaxed and eventually lifted, we will see one more trial for the ex media mogul.