Health Officials Provide More Reopening Guidelines

As Trump and his administration try to keep him under control, health officials are quietly working behind the scenes. Now, with news of more reopenings coming, guidelines are being made more apparent.

Last month, the guidelines were shelved after the pandemic became more dangerous. Now that it has waned a little bit, before the second wave hits, health officials want to make the guidelines obvious.

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These particular guidelines are more for educational and public organizations. Religious organizations are not included in these new rules.

Included in these new guidelines, the CDC has outlined that restaurants should expect to reopen dining rooms. Provided, of course, that their patronage is spread out with regards to social distancing rules. This would also include bars, but most likely would still restrict clubs.

Certainly Room for Interpretation

CDC guidelines featured in the new appendix for reopening are actually pretty broad. There is a lot of room for interpretation and wiggle room, which is not traditionally how the CDC treated COVID. Perhaps it’s a sign of better times.

Currently the novel coronavirus is in decline in most parts of the world. In some parts it is all but eradicated, such as South Korea and New Zealand. While the US death toll is still climbing, it has slowed perceptively in the last month.

No doubt we’ve all seen the demands for reopenings and the rising tensions in protests around the world. Now, seeing official confirmation from a major health source, may either bolster or lessen the tension. Hopefully the latter, as the last thing we need is more protests.


What do you make of the CDC’s newest guidelines for reopenings? Do you think it is a little too preemptive or perfectly timed? Let us know in the comments below!


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