Accused and struggling, Wayfair is under intense fire.

Is Wayfair Trafficking Children? The Internet Certainly Thinks So

Crazy or Crazy Scary?

If you’ve been running around the internet lately you may have seen a lot of people talking about Wayfair. More specifically, how Wayfair is involved in child trafficking rings, based on a conspiracy theory. Well, it now seems that Sometimes the unforeseen fallout of just one simple allegation can lead to weird places.

Wayfair has since come out and denied the claims, of course, and tried to bury it as over and done with.

How did we get here exactly? Well, where most of these things begin, on Reddit.

A user on Reddit noted something that they found suspicious on the internet retailer, Wayfair. Stating that they found it extremely odd and unsettling that furniture cabinets were being sold at insanely high prices. Not just high prices, but all named after girl’s first names, and much higher prices than competing vendors.

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Things got a lot weirder when people started finding more items like pillows and bedsheets priced at $10,000. All with the first name of seemingly random girls, but, maybe they weren’t so random after all.

See, another Redditor started piecing something else together. All of the names of these items shared a commonality with each other: The names were tied to young girls that had gone missing in recent months, and had not been located.

Don’t Jump to Conclusions

Of course, that may sound extremely convincing, but it hasn’t really been definitively proven if there is a connection. Easy to say one thing, but finding evidence for it, is something else entirely. Especially when people are comparing you to things like Qanon and PizzaGate, which ultimately crashed and burned.

That being said, there is another wrinkle in the story that has people split down the middle of opinion. Some months back, when the ICE debacle was happening, Wayfair came under intense fire for supplying beds to the migrant crisis.

Even though they ended up denying the claims, nothing was ever really substantially proven one way or the other. At the very least, it began a trend of distrust against a company who was struggling to provide cohesive answers.

In Summary

Right now, there’s not enough evidence or information to conclusively say what is going on. You can choose to believe a child trafficking ring, or that the items are just high quality material. Whether or not you choose to believe is beside the point in some cases.

Sad to say, but usually if children who go missing remain missing for more than two weeks, they’re never found. Occasionally, they may be located, but sadly they’re dead or close to death.

Depressing note to end on, but that is the reality of these claims. Supposing that there is something more to this, it may be too late to really put a stop to any of it. And if it isn’t true, then we wasted time and energy on something that was completely unfounded.


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