Maintain your Mental Health - 5 GREAT ways to stay mentally active

Maintain your Mental Health – 5 GREAT ways to stay mentally active

Keeping yourself mentally active can be just as important as staying physically active. Luckily, there are several ways to do just that!

In a society that is just now starting to come to terms with the process and importance of mental health, new studies are coming up all the time. So there are different ways yes, but not everyone will have the same reaction. Nonetheless, here’s some of the best things to do!

Books, yes we mention them a lot

Don’t misunderstand, we know that some people cannot get into reading. Whether it’s just the mundaneness of it, the pacing of the book or just never having found the time to dedicate to it. 

We’re not here to try and force you into anything, that would defeat the purpose. But, we did compile a list of great books to give a shot while you’re in quarantine! Sometimes you just have to bite the metaphorical bullet and try something different!

Download a Puzzle Game on your Phone

We live in an age of fairly sophisticated technology. Smartphones are abundant and near everyone owns one, or two.

Which also means we have unrestricted access to several brain teaser and mentally stimulating apps on the various storefronts. Anything from maze solving to crosswords, if you’re someone who reacts to visual stimulus, this is a great choice!


Do Something Creative, Draw, Photography or Paint

Speaking of smartphones, most smartphones have some pretty intense cameras built inside of them. Meaning that you can get really creative and professional looking with just the device in your pocket.

If photography is not your forte, give drawing a shot. Just grab some pencils, pens or charcoal and a piece of paper and just let your mind wander. You’d be surprised what you are capable of when you’re not thinking of stressful things!

Talk to Yourself

No, you did not misread that subheading. Recent studies have shown that talking to yourself in the third person can actually help you make better decisions and figure things out.

If you’re worried about feeling a little wacky or being judged, then just do it within the comfort of your own room. We’re not saying go out into the middle of town and just yell at yourself!

Take it from someone who actively does this, before he even read any of the studies: It honestly does work. I’ve found it very engaging to just ramble and go through parameters by myself and try to sort out problems. Give it a try!

Watch an Engaging Movie

Movies are meant to be entertainment at their core. After all, why watch a movie that makes you sad, depressed or melancholy, right? Well, there is a logic to it.

Now, we’re not saying that if you’ve been feeling a little blue that you go watch Magnolia or something. Not at all. Just pick a movie that does a little more stimulation to your brain than your average popcorn flick.

Our SciFi selections list is a great place to start! With mind bending visuals and deep intricate story telling.

Important to remember this

By and large, we tend to converse a lot about mental health nowadays but we often fail to really recommend it. Which is unfortunate, but in a way it is understandable. Telling someone to be mentally healthy, is not exactly an easy task to accomplish.

However, what we can do, as friends and humans, is encourage people to try things that do contribute to higher mental health. Don’t try to force your friends to watch a movie, paint or take up photography. Encourage each other!

Be sure to leave us a comment and let us know what you think about mental health!