the NBA followed through on it's promise to write Black Lives Matter on the court in Orlando

NBA News – Orlando Court Unveils ‘Black Lives Matter’ Written on Court

Following Through on Promises

While the rallies may not be as vocal as before, some institutions are trying to keep the ball rolling. In the case of the NBA, they’re taking things one step further and showing support on the court, literally. By writing ‘Black Lives Matter’ in big bold letters along the courtside.

This was a promise that was made earlier in the year by the NBA, but many doubted on their following through. Turns out, they took it pretty seriously. As Orlando begins to restart it’s Basketball season, this inspiring message will be there for all to see.

The images that were shared by the press tour for the Orlando Court also showed the public how the new COVID measures are in place. Individual plexiglass booths for media and broadcasters are in place. Giant screens will display virtual fans and game information. Lastly, all of the coaches chairs are foldouts layered six feet apart from each other.

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It’s a New World

So, even if it begins as just adherence to new guidelines, the NBA is taking COVID measures pretty seriously. And really, who could blame them?

COVID effectively shut down the sports, movie and travel industry for literal months. Causing no end to delays, consistent issues for people and businesses and crashing the world economy.

On top of those issues, in the midst of everything, we had the George Floyd controversy. The ensuing backlash against the police, the massive rallies and the political fallout were huge. Activists everywhere found themselves no longer being on the sidelines.

However, this also meant that the second wave of COVID was going to hit sooner than before. Sadly, that is now exactly what happened as the cases surge throughout the US prompting a second wave of closures.

Right now, we just have to find the small wins where we can get them. In the case of the NBA, at least we’re getting a season restart and getting to see games play out. True, we may not be able to physically attend them, but it’ll help stave off cabin fever a little while longer.


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