ONWARD OR DOWNWARD - Pixar's latest film fails to impress

ONWARD OR DOWNWARD – Pixar’s latest film fails to impress

After news that Disney was not delaying any movies, many wondered how it would affect some of their most recent releases, and it seems that we have an answer to that problem

Disney Pixar recently released their latest film, Onward. Focusing on the whimsical story of two brothers trying to bring back their dad through magic, it was a heartwarming tale. Being set in a fantasy world gave the writers so many opportunities.

Chris Pratt and Tom Holland were fantastic as the two leading roles, bringing hilarity and tears aplenty. Overall, it was a really good film! Unfortunately, box office receipts are not reflecting that.

Onward has failed to gross over 40,000,000. Hold on you might say, forty million is still a lot of money. You’re right, it is but it is also the third lowest gross of Pixar’s storied halls. 

Downside to this is the answer is probably pretty obvious when thought about for a minute. Reports of empty theaters (which we can attest to) due to concerns of large crowds because of the COVID outbreak. These reports are common and were enough of a concern that MGM actually delayed their latest Bond film by more than 6 months.

Arguably still, Onward should have made a good amount of money for how rock solid it is, right? Again, Onward is not as hotly reviewed as previous Pixar films. 

Nothing currently stands to help Onward move towards greater success. It faces lower reviews than previous movies, an outbreak keeping people from theaters and probably cost about 175 million to make. 

The road ahead for Onward is difficult. Pixar has pulled off success before with films like The Good Dinosaur that also did not fare well at first. Unfortunately though, Onward still faces much bigger concerns. 

Perhaps Disney should have delayed it? What do you think? Should it have been delayed or no? Be sure to check out our list of our most anticipated upcoming movies to get excited for the theaters again!