Ray Fisher goes and calls out Joss Whedon again, telling him to sue him if it wasn't true

Ray Fisher Calls out Joss Whedon Again

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Earlier last month, Justice League actor Ray Fisher started an uproar on social media when he retracted all of his support for director Joss Whedon. Most people had no idea what to really make of it, and assumed that the actor was just being spiteful due to the changes that Joss Whedon made.

Despite that, Ray Fisher came back to social media and upped the ante. He called Joss Whedon abusive, difficult to work with and toxic. Essentially summing up the famous director as a poor sport who had no idea how to direct a movie competently. This started a whole different kind of conversation, people started to wonder at Ray Fisher’s claims and if there was any validity behind it.

Perhaps most people just wanted some proof of what Ray Fisher was claiming. Gal Gadot, Kevin Smith and several fans started to speak up in defense of the actor. Telling people that his claims about Whedon were known to people outside of the Justice League production.

Eventually, even some old crew members that worked with Joss Whedon spoke up about abusive behavior that he displayed. Stunt coordinators that worked with Whedon on Buffy: The Vampire Slayer recalled a few instances where the director was personal, toxic and pushed them to the breaking point. Recalling how he took personal affront with the their personal dating lives.

Which isn’t a good look when your wife divorces you for infidelity and hypocrisy. Just something to have in the back of your mind.

some very strong words from the actor

Now, after weeks of radio silence from Joss Whedon, Ray Fisher has returned with a vengeance. Don’t get too excited, Joss Whedon still has not said a word, but Ray Fisher certainly has some words left over.

“But what I will say toward the Joss Whedon situation is obviously I put out some pretty strong words and some pretty strong comments about Joss Whedon, and every single one of those words, every single one of those comments, is true. People go, ‘Yeah, I would.’ And so we’re in the process of making sure that people can tell their stories in a confidential way that they don’t get any sort of retribution done against them,” he said. “We’re gonna get to the heart of everything. And if anything I said about that man is untrue, I invite him wholeheartedly to sue me for libel, to sue me for slander.”

Those are some very strong words from the actor. But, in all fairness, if he is telling the truth about Joss Whedon, he has nothing to fear from the ensuing legal blowback. Except when in regards to the NDA that he had to sign for acting in Justice League. So to be fair to all parties, Whedon may be holding his tongue and waiting for the WB legal team to step in.

That being said, if Whedon was being abusive and toxic, then Fisher may have legal precedent. Just an awful lot going on to figure out for all parties involved. When considering the vast issues that have suddenly come up around Whedon, we’re starting to understand where Fisher is coming from. Not gonna claim to known any specifics, just that it’s becoming interesting.


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