Ray Fisher and Gal Gadot are finding common ground in hating Joss Whedon

Ray Fisher Clarifies His Stance on Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon Still Silent

Wondering why Ray Fisher did not provide specific details? Turns out he has a pretty good reason for it. A reason that most people probably already suspected, but needed to hear for themselves.

Ray fisher has been pretty vocal these last few days about how he really feels about Joss Whedon. But, while he claimed things like abuse, toxicity and an unwelcome personality, he was rather scarce on detail. And anyone can tell you, better have something to back it up when you say stuff like that.

Well, Ray Fisher did provide some clarification on why he’s being so cryptic with his claims.

“No, it is not. I’m still very much under contract, and I’m still very much under [the] non-disclosure agreement. So I’ve got to be very careful about what I say, and how I say it. Otherwise, I could get sued into oblivion. Just a disclaimer there, so the folks who are looking for more specifics in the moment right now, I’m sorry I can’t give them to you in the moment right now.”

This does all make sense. Comic book/superhero roles in general usually carry a hefty NDA alongside them. Gotta bear in mind, you’re not only representing WB, but also DC, superhero genre, previous Cyborg actors etc. It’s certainly a lot to be aware of at every moment, but Fisher was pretty clear.

“This will take some time. We will get it done. We will win, and then we’ll be able to move on in the world. … I know, at the end of the day, regardless of what it is that I’m able to say or not say in this moment right now, there’s no way that all this stuff does not come to light in some capacity.”

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This quote in particular is one that is going to start receiving a lot more scrutiny in the days to come. Joss Whedon has not had a favorable month, and the last week it did nothing but get worse for the director.

First, a few days back during a podcast, Kevin Smith said that he did not doubt Ray Fisher. Saying that he had heard some firsthand accounts from crew, mostly the CGI artists, that Whedon was impossible.

Not only that he was impossible, but that he was insanely negative towards them and Snyder. Just all around treating the crew like garbage and taking every opportunity he could to sabotage Snyder’s original cut.

Then, just last night, Gal Gadot revealed something that Whedon did that made her supremely uncomfortable. Originally there was a sexualised scene between Flash and Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot expressed her discomfort at the scene and said that it was unnecessary.

What was Whedon’s response? Well, let’s just ignore her, get a body double and shoot it anyway. Disrespectful, right? Yes, absolutely, especially when in context of the highly uncomfortable and creepy Wonder Woman script he had penned.

That’s right, Whedon was originally going to be directing Wonder Woman. Before Patty Jenkins came in and saved the project, Whedon was going to be put in charge of the film.

Some of the leaked images of the script, sorta makes sense why Whedon did not work out for the studio. The script was highly sexual, misogynistic and pandering towards just about everyone.

Right now it’s unclear who was directly responsible for Whedon being taken off of the project. Safe to say, his at the time divorce from his ex-wife for cheating accusations and hypocrisy, does not look good.

Overall, evidence is continuing to mount on top of Joss Whedon. While it can be easy to lump Gal Gadot in there as well, bear in mind she has yet to properly accuse Whedon of anything.

Of course, it would also be asinine to not see her timing as a little bit fortuitous considering the Ray Fisher claims.


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