Steven Spielberg Drops Out Of Indiana Jones 5

Steven Spielberg Drops Out Of Indiana Jones 5

You’ve no doubt heard that the legendary Harrison Ford is coming back for one more go round as the legendary character Indiana Jones.

What you may be yet unaware of, is that Spielberg seems to have zero interest in coming back to direct it.

The director of the previous entries has left the project with no plans of coming back. While he is rumored to be staying on as an executive producer, it is yet unconfirmed.

Raises the question, who exactly will be taking over the film as director? Well, according to rumors (which come on, grain of salt) we may be seeing James Mangold (Logan, Ford V Ferrari) taking on the project.

Mangold is certainly an interesting pick if it’s true. He definitely knows how to blend that dry sarcasm that Indy has had in previous movies with hard hitting violence and mature storytelling. However, Indiana Jones has always been about the adventure as much as the character. 

While Mangold has traditionally told much more adult stories than seen in Indiana Jones, he does have one huge benefit. He gave us the best version of Wolverine ever. And  if you know anything about Wolverine, he shares a lot of similarities with Indiana Jones in terms of his personality.

So we say bring it on Mangold! We’re ready to see your take on the character!