The Clone Wars Returns! And it Feels So Good!

The Clone Wars Returns! And it Feels So Good!

Hallelujah! Star Wars: The Clone Wars is back, and just in the nick of time!
A great start to a wonderful series sendoff


Clone Wars aired its first episode for its final season early this morning, and it was such a great reminder that Star Wars can still be great!

The episode, titled “The Bad Batch”, takes place a few months after the events of the previous season’s finale. Captain Rex and Commander Cody take a group of elite Clones behind enemy lines to disrupt enemy communications. Along the way they learn things about themselves they never considered as well as make a disturbing discovery about an old comrade.

If you’re unfamiliar with whats happening here’s a brief recap: In the last two seasons a group of clones are now aware of a chip in their heads. This chip will be the catalyst for the infamous Order 66 that takes place during Revenge of the Sith.

Previously, the clones followed each other and the Jedi generals with a mix f admiration and loyalty. Now, there is a definite tension among them as they try to determine where the real threat is.

This episode succeeded in so many different ways. The animation and cinematography were some of the best that this show has ever seen. The music was great, the acting was great and it set up such a good tease of what’s to come.

While the rest of the series will air over the course of February, it’s already off to a fantastic start!

Maybe 2020 Will be Star Wars’ Year!

In a year where Star Wars has sort of become a battle cry for controversy, this is such a welcome change of pace.

Depending on who you ask, the Rise of Skywalker is a travesty or a masterpiece. The Mandalorian is a brilliant genre blend or a slow plod through exposition. The Clone Wars however, regardless of which side you fall on, is pretty much universally loved.

Making a guess based off of one episode is pretty much impossible, but if this is any indication it’ll be a good year!

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