Yale's Famous "Science of Well-Being" Available Now for Free

Yale’s Famous “Science of Well-Being” Available Now for Free

The most popular course in Yale University’s history is available now, online, for free, via Coursera.

The course is taught by psychology professor, Laurie Santos. When the class was first available, nearly a quarter of all Yale undergraduates enrolled in it, a fact that drew a lot of media attention.

The course, “The Science of Well-Being”, features lectures by Santos, describing things in people’s lives they think make them happy, but don’t. She explains the ways our expectations affect our reality, how we can better temper our expectations, and how we can live a much better life with the right mindset.

You can read more about the course through its syllabus.

Now, with the course online, many more people can access the course that has absolutely blown up. It starts April 27th, so if you are interested, be sure to enroll by then. The course will take approximately 20 hours to complete.

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