89 Year Old Grandmother Beats COVID While Battling Cancer

89 Year Old Grandmother Beats COVID While Battling Cancer

One of the toughest people this month that’s for sure! After news that other people throughout the world were beating COVID despite difficulties, this woman joined their ranks!

Ida Price, a resident in Houston Texas showed just how much of a survivor she is. When she went in for a routine checkup, she was confirmed to have contracted COVID-19. Despite this, she was showing no symptoms of the novel disease, so it came as a bit of a shock to her.

“I didn’t have no fever, I never had a cough. I didn’t have chest pains, none of that.”

Price gave credit to both her reliance on her healthy living style as well as he prodigious faith in her religion. When her church held a vigil of prayer for both Price and seven others in their congregation, she was moved.

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“They were just uplifting me to know people were out there thinking about me and praying for me and I was praying for myself,” Price said.

Truly this is some news that everyone needs to see. To know that to contract this new virus is not a death sentence, that we can beat it and that we should listen to doctors and frontline workers.

Certainly we will beat this virus, just as Ida did, but we cannot do it alone. We have to band together.

In a time where things like the CARES Act and Medicare are coming under fire, news like this is more than welcome. As we continue to debate the effectiveness of these bills and forget about what is truly important.


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