Updates to the Amber Heard case may get a little more complicated.

Elon Musk Finds Himself Entangled in the Amber Heard Case After New Evidence

Accusations, Allegations and Evidence

Of all the people that we expected to find themselves tied up in this debacle, we did not expect Elon Musk. Some new evidence found by some internet sleuths, show that Musk has not been honest about his affiliations with the actress.

Turns out, not only was Elon Musk seeing Amber Heard, he was seeing her while she was married. Surveillance footage and photos show them being possibly a little bit more than just friends. Despite claims made otherwise by the tech giant, who is currently expecting another child.

Not only has Musk’s relationship with Heard and Depp been called into question, but a concierge at the penthouse has even more. The concierge in question will be testifying at the hearing for Heard V Depp. Claiming that the bruises and cuts Heard has claims of, may have come from Elon Musk, not Johnny Depp.

A very bold claim, all things considered. But, there is some evidence and eyewitness testimonies to back up the man’s claim.

Trinity Esparza, the manager of the concierge company for the penthouse, shared some details that had been unknown. During the week where Depp was said to have ‘attacked’ Heard and left her with injuries, Esparza said that was untrue.

Saying that she saw Heard nearly every day while Heard lived at the address. During the week where Depp was accused, Miss Esparza said that Heard showed no signs of physical attacks. There were no bruises, no cuts or scrapes on her face/neck. Which is where the injuries would later appear.

Worth noting, that during the next few weeks, Depp was not at the penthouse.

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As Evidence Emerged, Depp Was Absent

After that week, Heard was still coming and going just about every day. Showing up on security cameras, and when not on cameras, Miss Esparza saw her in person. One day, Esparza noted that Heard’s attitude had become significantly more sad, and that she had a red mark under her eye. Looking like a bruise that was crudely covered up by makeup.

During the next few weeks, Esparza noted that Elon Musk began making semi regular visits. Seeing him come down from a reception with ‘messy hair like he had just woken up’.

When Esparza questioned her employees about it, they said the Musk had been making regular visits for a year or so. During which time Johnny Depp was away from his penthouse filming movies for WB and Disney.

Her employees said that Musk’s visits were regular, multiple times a week and from around 11PM to 1AM, also supported by the Security teams testimony. At this new information, Esparza began going through security footage, looking for anything at all.

During that same day where she saw a messy Musk, she later saw Heard on the same day. Saying that she had three small bruises on her neck, the same mark under her eye, and multiple band aids on her arm.

Now, it’s easy to take one side or the other, but Esparza is not the only one going on record. Alejandro Romero, the building’s Chief Security Officer, is coming forward as well to support Esparza’s claims.

“We watched the news and we saw the pictures . . . and the next day I saw her, I was like, ‘Come on, really?”

One Can Be a Coincidence, Two or Three is a Pattern

Saying that he has footage, an image of which can be seen above, of Musk indeed visiting several times a week. All during the timeframe where Johnny Depp was not present at his home and was away on films.

On the day of the alleged attack on the part of Johnny Depp, there is little corroborating evidence. Melissa Saenz, the attending officer on the day of the incident, officially reported that Heard had no injuries. She did corroborate that there were signs of a fight, but that neither party seemed to have been physically harmed.

Back to Mr. Romero, he said that a day or so after the accident, Heard requested he accompany her to the penthouse. She said she was afraid of a break-in, Romero agreed and accompanied her up. During that time, he said that he got a full look at Heard’s face multiple times. Saying that there were zero signs of physical attacks on Heard.

If you think that maybe people would have mistaken Elon Musk for someone else, there is zero chance of that. Not only are there time stamped video footage clips, but Mr. Romero physically accompanied Musk to the elevator. Both the garage and the elevator required a FOB entry from a security personnel.

What Happens Now

Overall, there’s quite a bit of information that may put Elon Musk in a very compromising position. Considering that Musk claimed they weren’t romantically linked until after Heard’s divorce. Yet, other corroborating evidence and claims show that they had met and become romantic at least a month prior to her divorce.

If this evidence goes any further, and the testimonies begin piling up, Tesla and Elon Musk could look very different. Now look, what happens between two consenting adults is their business, whether morally right or wrong.

But, since Heard is claiming that the injuries were sustained in an attack, that paints an ugly picture. It’s one thing to have rough relations with someone, it’s another to be physically attacked and then blame it on someone else.

Supposing that maybe this was part of the plan, Musk and Heard faked her attacks to get money from Depp. Not only is that borderline stupid, but it paints an even worse picture if it was premeditated.


For more updates, news and articles on the Heard case, now involving Elon Musk, stay tuned here at Scoophash.

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