HELP STOP COVID - There's only two surefire ways to assist

HELP STOP COVID – There’s only two surefire ways to assist

COVID 19 is a legitimate health crisis, as global economies and medical professions struggle to keep up. As things continue to hit an apex, we have to stop and take stock of what we as a people can do to help.

COVID will incline, we need to take steps to avoid it as individuals

Essential breakdown of COVID is as follows: right now the US is on the incline, we’ll be inclining in cases for at least the next two weeks as people return from vacation. As those people begin to mingle, return to work and failed to keep informed, they’ll spread the virus. Leading to surge, which leads to increased pressure on hospitals etc.

Solutions to the pressure are relatively simple actually, it’s easy to start freaking out until you consider the reality. New York and San Francisco are currently in quarantine, and expect be out soon. New York’s governor, Andrew Cuomo, stated how hospitals here would be shipping off supplies. Effectively ending their quarantine, and moving everything offsite to assist other states getting hit.

So how do you help? Simple, stay home.

You may have heard most of this, and you may have heard the need for social distancing. This is true, and it cannot be understated. If you don’t need something, stay home, stop touching people and stop going to parties and events. Be part of the solution and do your best to help out those who need it by staying home.

Which leads into the last point. Social distancing is extremely important because of one simple factor; mass exposure immunization. Short term, that means that because of COVID’s rampancy, we can’t rely on meds or vaccines. Effectively the main way that this goes away is by either not contracting it and waiting, or recovering. 

Sounds grim, doesn’t it? Well, things are still relatively the same throughout the world. Most people recover, most doctors and medical staff are confident, but the problem is supplies. On top of that problem, people are not listening and are still carrying life as normal. We cannot be doing that, we need to be staying home, staying away from others and waiting a few weeks.

Please, take it to heart and do your best to stay as isolated as you possibly can. Stay safe, social distance, stay updated and most importantly do not panic! We’ll make it through this people!