TEENS FACE JAIL TIME - How can you be this dumb?

TEENS FACE JAIL TIME – How can you be this dumb?

New things are happening all over the place as Coronavirus rampages and builds up to an apex moment. Now there’s a new social media trend, people coughing on food.

You don’t have to be a genius to figure this one out, COVID is currently rampaging through the world, and warnings were given. Stay inside, wear face masks, gloves, social distance etc. So apparently some teens got together and came up with the worst idea for a new trend.


Not only that, but they’re filming it and taking zero responsibility. Anything for that clout right?

Problem is that it is already catching on. Reports of people doing this range from California to Virginia and just about everywhere in between.

Really just have to ask yourself, what is my freedom and subsequent health worth to me? If it isn’t worth anything, then stay away from people who value it. Just don’t be going into grocery stores, terrifying people and then ruining thousands of dollars worth of product for the sake of a joke.

Worst part of all of this is that it will catch on if not stopped now. All you need is a cursory knowledge of internet fads, memes and social platforms. Snapchat, Reddit and Twitter will be rife with idiots doing this, and it will cause thousands of dollars in shortages.

Seriously can’t believe we even need to write something on this. People should know better right now and should be taking precautions.