Bloomberg has dropped out of the Presidential Race

Bloomberg has dropped out of the Presidential Race

Michael Bloomberg dropped from the presidential campaign this morning. Despite a lengthy, and expensive, advertising campaign for his run. Unfortunately, all of that money won him no states on Super Tuesday, prompting the media mogul to drop.

This effectively leaves only Warren, Biden, Gabbard and Biden as democratic options for the election.

While he started out strong with a moderate amount of voters, his disastrous appearance at the debate hurt him. Afterwards his numbers simply continued to dwindle and most of his supporters went to Warren or Biden.

The former mayor of New York City is said to be planning to throw his support behind Joe Biden. This obviously includes all of the money that he planned for his own campaign.

According to his aides and sources on Tuesday, Bloomberg made an early decision to reassess his position the following morning. Once he realized that he was failing to capture the same strength as his contemporaries, he made this decision.

Bloomberg was rather vocal in his distrust of the current president Donald Trump. However, he was equally as vocal about his distrust at the nomination of Bernie Sanders. He viewed his anti-rich ideas as dangerous and harmful to the longevity of the U.S.

Bloomberg’s Past Issues Arise

After the announcement of his endorsement, Biden sent out an appreciative tweet for Bloomberg.

His campaign was definitely not a cheap one, Bloomberg was accused of trying to effectively buy the presidency. He threw his money around on as much advertising and exposure as he possibly could. This of course, is what led to his strong start as his financial firepower was unprecedented.

Numerous social issues hounded Bloomberg, which made it difficult to ever see much support outside his initial start. Everything from buying his way in, the reports of harassment at his business. He faced far too much social criticism to really have much of a shot versus nominees like Sanders, Biden and Warren.

There was also the small issue of Bloomberg’s past Republican affiliations, including his two time win as Mayor. This was no small matter to his opposing nominees, and they made no qualms about letting him know it.

Bloomberg’s absence puts an enormous advantage on Warren and Sanders. Unfortunately for them, his massive wealth and support of Biden is going to hurt them in the long run. Time will tell how things play out for the Democratic party.