Louisiana Purge Siren - Police have some fun with curfew

Louisiana Purge Siren – Police have some fun with curfew


Some may call it an ill timed joke, others may see it as an attempt at dark humor. Whatever the case may be, it’s pretty funny to read the reactions to it.

Which in this case, the humor being a Louisiana purge siren. As in the old military siren used in The Purge movie series. It definitely sparked some hefty memes on Twitter, which was pretty hilarious to read through.


To give some context here, Louisiana has issued a curfew for some of the neighborhoods in an effort to flatten the curve. And in one particular case, it seems that the cops wanted to be a little snarky and play a little joke.

Honestly, I think it’s kinda hilarious. I mean, I lived on military bases all my life so this sound kind of doesn’t mean anything to me anymore. Pairing it with the mass hysteria and easiness of making people uncomfortable however, may not be the best idea. 


What do you make of this little prank? More to it than meets the eye or just a harmless test of an alternate warning system that just happens to sound like a famous movie? You be the judge!