Justice League Actor Ray Fisher has prompted an investigation by Warner Bros into the Justice League production

Warner Bros Launches Investigation into Justice League Production

Justice for the Justice League?

We mentioned a few articles back that we had a feeling that Ray Fisher’s claims were going to escalate into something official. It seems that we called it correctly, as Warner Bros has officially launched an investigation.

Ray Fisher confirmed the investigation in a Tweet earlier today. Bringing his months long campaign to a head as the investigation will be independent and thorough.

This will inevitably surprise some people, as the last update we had from Ray Fisher was concerning the NDA he had signed for Justice League. Most of the followers on his comments took that as meaning that he had no legal recourse to do anything about the claims. Or at the very least, some people took it to mean that Ray Fisher had no actual reason to complain, or that his claims were false.

What Exactly Happened?

If you have not been following the Ray Fisher debacle on social media or here on Scoophash, it’s been quite a torrent so far.

Beginning shortly after the announcement for Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Ray Fisher took to social media to make some claims. Starting out a little more vindictive than justified, he simply said that he wanted to retract his support for Joss Whedon’s theatrical release. Honestly, that much made sense as Fisher had been a longtime vocal advocate for Zack Snyder. Stating often that the cut was real and would be coming out soon.

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Only a short couple of days after that claim, Ray Fisher took to social media again to clarify his stance on Joss Whedon. Calling him abusive, toxic and an absolute pain to deal with on set. Saying that Whedon was constantly belittling and ruining the film almost out of spite, at least to his eyes. In that same moment, he threw longtime producer Geoff Johns under the bus, saying that Johns was just as responsible for the environment.

Then, there was some silence around the topic for a week or so. Ray Fisher came back to social media, and clarified how he was unable to provide specific details until something else was in order. Citing that there were legal issues surrounding his NDA that prevented specifics.

more people coming forward and saying that Whedon was indeed, incredibly toxic

Around that same time, there were even more people coming forward and saying that Whedon was indeed, incredibly toxic and abusive. Gal Gadot, now known for her role as Wonder Woman, shared a gross story about Whedon that made him look awfully misogynistic. After that, the stunt crew from Buffy the Vampire Slayer had nothing good to say about Whedon. Recalling how he threatened both their personal relationships and their professional careers. Calling the director an ‘egomaniac’ who had no respect for his crew.

Of course, all of this will be a moot point in that the investigation finds no wrong in Whedon or the producers who enabled his actions. Until we know for certain, it’s all hearsay and it’s Fisher’s word against Whedons. Yet, even now, months later, Whedon has said absolutely nothing on the matter, which doesn’t exactly help his looking guilty.


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