The Batman, First Trailer/New Details Emerge From DC FanDome

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“I Am Vengeance!”

Matt Reeve cements our confidence as the man who is right for the job as the details emerge around The Batman movie. Teasing fans about what to expect from the upcoming movie, coming late next year!

There’s definitely a lot to talk about, which is what we love here at Scoophash.

A Cleverly Disguised Murder Thriller

One of the biggest reasons that we think Matt Reeves is the right man for the job is how he described writing and shooting the film. Saying that the film is more focused on the second year of Batman, and how he has to learn to cope with a dark world full of villains and psychopaths.

He brought up how Batman is very emotionally distressed by the world that he discovers. A world full of darkness, murder, disturbing people and distrust among the civilians. It’s a very grounded and serious take on The Batman.

Reeves talks about how the film plays out much more like a thriller with a murder mystery at the center of it all. Sounding almost like he shot the film with a lot of inspiration from both The Dark Knight and David Fincher films like Zodiac. Even mentioning the masterpiece film Chinatown, that ironically started Jack Nicholson who played Joker in the Tim Burton films.

Hmm, sounds a lot like what Todd Phillips was saying about Joker before it had come out. So if that’s the case, this could be another masterpiece.

Which, he also says is something that will be explored in the HBO Max series, Gotham PD. A series that will explore both new and familiar characters from the comics. Most exciting, is that Gotham PD is taking place during Year One of Batman. Meaning that there may be possible cameos and episodes that focus on Robert Pattinson as Batman.

A Stellar Cast

Secondly, Matt Reeves talks about how much fun and passion he’s seen from the cast that he created around this film.

Praising the villainous roles of Colin Farrell’s Penguin, Paul Dano’s Riddler and Zoe Kravitz’ Catwoman. Claiming that he believes, with the passion that they brought, that they’ll be as memorable as the actors that came before them.

Funnily enough, when asked why he chose Robert Pattinson to play The Batman, he actually said some very similar things to what we said before. When we said that we believed that Robert Pattinson would take him to another level entirely.

Describing Robert Pattinson as a chameleon who just absorbs himself into the role and brings an unreal level of charisma and passion. Mentioning his roles in Lost City of Z (perfect movie btw), The Rover, Good Time etc. Praising the raw talent that he had in this movie, and his previous roles.

The Trailer… LOOKS. IN. CRED. IBLE!!!

Despite only having about 25% of the film shot, The Batman has it’s very first teaser trailer for the fans to grovel over.

Much like I mentioned above, there’s some very similar vibes to Joker from Todd Phillips. Gritty, disturbing, violent and full of impeccable lighting and cinematography. This movie is barely even begun and it looks like a work of complete art.

We get to see the intensity that Robert Pattinson is going to bring to the role. Already looking haggard, angry and full of Batman levels of testosterone.

Only thing missing from the trailer was the look at the villains. We do get to see Catwoman in a few different shots, as wel las the unknown serial killer that Batman is hunting down. And is it just us, or did we get some really big Batman: Hush vibes from this trailer?

Not only because of the way that the serial killer dresses or kills his victims, but the reliance on the younger and more violent/emotional Batman. Besides, it just so happens to prominently feature Catwoman? Seems to us like Matt Reeves might be a Hush fan as well as a Taxi Driver fan!

God, we are so excited for this one!


For more news and trailers on The Batman, stay tuned right here at Scoophash!

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