Disney opened parts of their parks back to the public

Despite Coronavirus Surge, Disneyland Reopens to Record Crowd Numbers

The Park is Open(ish)

Apparently more than a few people have been waiting in line for this day. Disneyland parks across the US began reopening their doors, and got fairly flooded with people waiting for this day to come.

Before you get too excited, all that they reopened was Downtown Disney. So they reopened the dining and retail sections of the park, but left the rest shut down for now. Nonetheless, apparently lots of people were just excited for anything connected.

There were dozens upon dozens of people waiting outside of the park for the reopening to happen. Luckily, all of them continued social distancing and wore masks, so that was a nice display to see.

If you’ve been following Disney’s struggles for the last few months, then you know that they desperately wanted a win. Back in March, Disney shut down all of their parks indefinitely in wake of the COVID pandemic. Over the course of the next few months, Disney would lose billions of dollars every day they remained closed.

Finally, back in mid June, Disney announced that they were planning on reopening all attractions. Albeit, with social distancing and new safety guidelines to ensure that they complied with a new social norm.

It Didn’t Last Long

Then, as the second wave came through the US, the state of California mandated that Disney shut down attractions. Setting Disney back months and forcing them to reconsider how to go about reopening the parks.

Especially when Universal Studios was already back up and running. They reopened to much lower numbers than they were used to, but they were reopened nonetheless. Proving that people would be willing to brave the elements and pandemic to get an adrenaline rush.

Is this a sign of people being willing to go back to normal? Certainly all of us want to go back to normal, but it will not happen overnight just because we can go get Starbucks.

Right now we just have to wait and see what happens in terms of reopenings. Hopefully this is a sign of improvement, because lord knows we need it right now.


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