Looks like we might be getting yet another new Batman!

The Flash Movie May Have a Batman Cameo… From Micheal Keaton?!

Hey, I guess the Multiverse is pretty big.

The Flash Movie got a few unexpected updates this month. Ezra Miller and cast seemed to confirm that the film was moving forward, which many people doubted. Then when the Snyder Cut was announced, hope started to rekindle.

Only a short week ago, Muschietti, the producer for The Flash Movie, said to stay tuned for news. Many of those same fans took that as a good sign, and while we’re still waiting for something official, there is a new update.

Michael Keaton, known for hundreds of roles throughout the years, but mostly known for his role as Batman in Tim Burton’s films. Keaton is allegedly going to have a role in The Flash Movie as a Multiverse Batman.

So The Flash may end up meeting more than one version of the caped crusader. Outside of Ben Affleck’s more grizzled Batman, or Robert Pattinson’s more ninja like Batman. It sounds like Keaton would probably be more along the lines of Batman Beyond’s Bruce Wayne. Old, out of the game but with several years worth of experience to pass on to people.

It’s All a Mystery

If this is an accurate rumor, it also shows how big and serious DC is starting to take it’s Multiverse. Earlier this year, the CW Arrowverse had it’s Crisis on Infinite Earths, which showed off the Multiverse in a big way. 

Showcasing characters like Ezra Miller’s Flash, Kevin Conroy’s Batman, The Doom Patrol, Hawk and Robin, Tom Welling as Clark Kent and so many more. Basically, it confirmed that all DC shows and movies from the past and present are part of the same Multiverse. Which was a huge revelation for a lot of people. 

Plus, when you have Ezra Miller appear with no announcement or tease, thus confirming that the DCEU is apart of it, fans lose their minds.

What would this mean for The Flash movie going forward. Truth be told, right now we just have no clue. For all we know, Keaton isn’t even involved in the project at all, for now it’s all just hearsay.

That being said, if Keaton is indeed going to appear as Batman, that would be pretty amazing!


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