THE SKYWALKER LEGACY REVIEW - Disney and crew prove that this movie was doomed from the start

THE SKYWALKER LEGACY REVIEW – Disney and crew prove that this movie was doomed from the start

Rise of Skywalker might be more controversial than The Last Jedi in terms of how it divided the fanbase. With no ending to the controversy and the issues, Disney did probably the worst thing they could do: They released a documentary detailing what exactly happened behind the scenes.

Legacy of Skywalker does do one thing remarkably well, it gives fans a close and personal look at what making Star Wars is like. You see how everything comes together, how the crew feels passionate about their work. As well as how they know they’re a part of something bigger.

Outside of that? Well, then this documentary is going to do one of two things to you. Either it will make you more upset at JJ Abrams for the movies that he made. Or two, it will make you angry at Disney for letting Rian Johnson do whatever he wanted to The Last Jedi.

Seeing how Abrams had to scramble at various different times to try and find a good ending for Rise of Skywalker is painful. It feels like he knows that he had no safe way out and that fans would be disappointed regardless. 

Rewrites are a path to the Dark Side

Something that is equally noticeable is just how much damage control had to take place during the screenwriting process. After Johnson tore apart everything that Abrams had originally set up, it was essentially back to square one. Seeing the different takes that they had to try and figure out really makes it evident how much they had to struggle through.

The documentary does do one thing for fans that didn’t like the sequels, it reminds us that it’s over. That it is time for directors like Jon Favreau, Dave Filoni and Johnson to get their respective original series. The future is uncertain and entertainment is on a hiatus right now, but Star Wars still has some life in it. 

Especially when we consider that current series like Clone Wars is going strong and a recent surprise casting has fans excited

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